About - Matt McMonagle

I’m a nomadic outdoor lifestyle photographer and lover of things that are hard to get. I feel alive getting my camera in front of raw, candid moments that will never happen again and strive to share moments that make you want to live adventurously.

My mantras include, but are not limited to:


I choose this.

Squats for life.

You can do one more of anything. 

Things I’m good at: putting smiles on faces, stoking the fire, falling asleep under the stars, squeezing in one more shot/rep/drink/joke, putting on my brave pants, asking questions, pushups, shooting free throws.

Things I’m not good at: not climbing that hill, settling, floating in water, nurturing plants, remembering lyrics to songs, cooking asparagus.

My girlfriend and I are currently working on a photography project to find the best and most beautiful things in the US living and working out of our converted campervan, Vanna. If you've got suggestions for places we need to see, things we need to do, or food we need to eat anywhere in the US of A, I'd love to hear from you. 

I've had the great opportunity to do audio, video and photography work for companies, brands and people like CreativeLive, Chase Jarvis, Red Bull, GoPro, Starbucks, and Tim Ferriss..

If you are interested in getting together for coffee, steak, or a project, please send me an email or reach out on Instagram or Facebook

Where You Can Find My Words Online


I wrote, shot, produced, and taught a mini series on CreativeLive. Check it out here to watch the whole series, or watch the two that I taught below. 

Creative Photo Challenge - Motion Blur

Creative Photo Challenge - Light Painting

I appreciate you taking the time. 

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