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I'm on the hunt for projects that inspire people to get outside- outside of their homes, outside of their comfort zones, outside of their self consciousness. If you've got a project that aligns with that, please reach out. 

Video + Audio for Video

I've had the great opportunity to do audio, video and photography work for companies, brands and people like CreativeLive, Chase Jarvis, Red Bull, GoPro, Starbucks, and Tim Ferriss.. Here are a few videos I've worked on that I'm especially proud of. 

Hueco: Shaped By Nature

Chase Jarvis - iPhone X First Look

Starbucks Doubleshot - Aaron Kyro

Tim Ferriss - Evening Routine

CreativeLive - 30 Days of Genius

Red Bull + CreativeLive - Michael Clark

CreativeLive - UberLIVE at SXSW Austin

Chase Jarvis - How We Shot 30DOG

What you can expect

Here's what a day in the life of working with me is like...

You hear about this mystical mrmcmatt fella and reach out via email, Facebook, Instagram, or smoke signals.

You promptly receive a response free of grammatical errors, full of charm.

We discuss your project, intended vision, deliverables and deadlines. If we agree on a vision, scope and rate we schedule a shoot date.

You sit back and relax and I drive the "method machine", ensuring that you understand and agree with the what, when and how, asking for your input and agreement at key steps to achieve your why.

I arrive to our shoot early, enough coffee in tow for two and enough grin on face for all.

Before a single shot is fired, we rally around our ideas and objectives for the day, ensuring that we are aligned on the vision of our project, talking about proposed shoot locations, our must get shots and high five when we strike communal creative gold.

After the shoot I ingest the images, back them up like a tonka truck to protect our photo baby and get to work bringing our vision to life.

You receive progress updates regularly and assets on time.

After all assets have been delivered and revisions have been addressed, we get on a call or meet for a nutritious, delicious and hearty dinner to talk through if there's any ways we can make the next shoot even smoother. 


Here's what others have to say about working with me. It's not all bad! :D 

"Matt is a jack of the trades you need. Working with Matt grants you the ability to say, "Damn, that was so fun and easy. I can't wait for next time."

-Casey C

"Matt goes beyond what it means to hire an exceptional photographer and videographer. Working with him means you get a true creative partner, who is deeply invested in the success of your project. His attention to detail, perfectionist nature, raw talent, and positive outlook make Matt a truly incredible professional to work with!"

-Justin Katz, Travelstoked

"Matt is truly a joy to work with. He is collaborative and efficient, always looking for shot variety and interest. He suggested a variety of shots that ultimately gave us a lot of options that we didn't expect. He made us laugh constantly, which made us way more comfortable in front of the camera, which made our pictures so much better. I would highly recommend Matt for anyone - he will execute your vision in a way that you don't expect while being a consummate professional throughout."

-Elizabeth M, Edios Media

“Matt is a fantastic creative partner. Detail-oriented and intuitive to not only the needs of the project at hand, but to the people involved. He is thoughtful in his execution, has integrity in his motivation, and is a true joy to work with side-by-side. If you are looking to have someone not only meet you creatively, but amp up your level of excitement, adventure, and encourage you to believe even further in your work/passions — Matt is for sure your guy.”

-Courtney K

"Like most people, the mere thought of being photographed makes me break out in a sweat. My business partner and I were launching our new company and our new website and we needed quality headshots. But we didn't want the same synthetic smile you see on most "About Us" pages, we wanted our photos to reflect our personalities and most importantly our values as a company. Working with Matt made this unnerving process such a pleasure. Under Matt's direction we were able to articulate our vision. The shoot was incredibly smooth. We actually had a blast shooting and I couldn't be more pleased with the results."

-Michael K

This is how you reach me

Email me at mrmcmattphoto at gmail dot com

Find me on Facebook

Reach out on Instagram

Click "CONTACT" in the menu bar

I appreciate you taking the time. 

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